Scleroderma treatment in Iranian traditional medicine: A case report

Document Type : Case Report


1 Psychiatry department, kerman university of medical sciences, kerman, iran

2 Iranian Traditional Medicine Department, Medicine Faculty, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.


Background and aims: Scleroderma is a systemic autoimmune disease that its core symptom is hardening (Sclero) of the skin (Derma). It also affects other internal organs in more severe cases. This illness has high morbidity and mortality and it can disrupt the normal function of the patient. Immunosuppressors and many other drugs have been used to treat but different adverse side effects of these treatments make them unsafe; Therefore, since there is no definite cure for scleroderma. In modern medicine, traditional medicine treatment strategies to patient's relief can improve quality of life, decrease morbidity and mortality of the disease and decrease the various side effects of drugs in modern medicine treatment. 
Case presentation: In this article, it was reported a 38 years old woman, known case of scleroderma who improved dramatically with traditional medicine methods after a short term course of treatment. 
Conclusion: Scleroderma is a complex disease which has no definite cure in modern medicine. Traditional treatments can improve many annoying symptoms of the disease. 


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