Investigating the competitive advantage of medicinal plants and related products

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1 Sience and research branch,islamic azad university

2 Islamic azad university,yasooj branch


Background and aims: The main objective of this study was to investigate the factors affecting the achievement of the competitive advantage in the international markets for medicinal plants and related products in Zagros forests.
Methods: This is an applied descriptive/correlational research, because in addition to describing the current situation, its tests hypotheses are based on multiple regression method and determines the impact of variables using the inferential statistics method. In addition, it is an applied research since its expected results can be used to improve the international market of medicinal plants and related products in the Zagros forests. The study population included all customers of medicinal plants and related products in Zagros forests. Considering the fact that the population size is unlimited and undefined, the sample size formula was used. The method used in this research is the cluster sampling and available non-probability sampling. Initially, the Zone was divided into four parts: north, south, east and west. Then, the questionnaires were distributed. The sample size was calculated as 384 people utilizing sample size formula for unlimited population. In this research, the variables of interest were measured using researcher made questionnaires which were distributed among selected subjects whose views will be assessed on the variables. Finally, the collected data was analyzed using SPSS software.
Results: The results showed that medicinal plants, diversity of medicinal plants, and industrialization of medicinal plants and production of the most essential drugs even certain drugs would lead to the achievement of competitive advantage in the international market of medicinal plants and related products in the Zagros forests.
Conclusion: Paving the way for investment in the country will make great contribution to the export of medicinal plants products.


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