Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants of Boyer Ahmad and Dena regions in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, Iran

Document Type : Case Report


1 shahid bahonar university of kerman

2 Fasa university, fasa, Iran


Background and aims: The current paper aimed to collect and document the information about medicinal plants of Boyer Ahmad and Dena regions and their applications by indigenous inhabitants.
Methods: The field surveys were carried out from March 2015 to September 2016 under supervision of local people. Collected plant specimens were identified to species level using Flora of Iran and Flora Iranica. Subsequently, information including scientific names, local names, parts used, method of preparation, medicinal effects, growth forms, and chorotypes for 71 species were recorded.
Results: Medicinal plants belonged to 62 genera and 29 families. Apiaceae (14.08%) and Lamiaceae (14.08%) had the most number of species among other families. Based on Raunkier method, hemicryptophytes with 42.25% is the highest growth form and the most common chorotype was Irano-Turanian type (70.42%). The most used parts are aerial parts (40/85%),‎ and the most common mode of preparation was infusion (24%). The results of this study indicate that local people in Boyer Ahmad and Dena regions have used all collected plants for medicinal, food and sanitary purposes and their knowledge about identification of plants and their habitats, medicinal and edible properties is extensive.
ConclusionsNative knowledge leads to obtaining valuable information including medicinal properties of plants, usable parts, time of growth, best time for harvesting and areas which have growing potential. Therefore, it is vital to investigate the native knowledge about medicinal plants in various regions of Iran.


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