The essential oil compositions of wild celery (Kelussia odoratissima Mozaff.), an Iranian endemic plant

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1 Shahrekord University

2 Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences


Background and aim: Kelussia odoratissima Mozaff. is an Iranian endangered endemic plant which widely used in the Central Zagros region of Iran as spice and medicinal herb for inflammatory and cardiovascular purposes. The aim of this study was to assess the essential oil compositions of Birahgan ecotype of K. odoratissima in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. Methods: this is a fundamental research .The aerial parts of K. odoratissima were collected from Birahgan ecotype then were dried. The essential oils were obtained by hydro-distillation and were analyzed by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Results: Twenty-four compounds were identified, of which the major components were found to be Z-ligustilide (64.3%), 2-octen-1-ol acetate (12.0%), (Z)-3-butyldiene phthalide (4.5%), menthyl acetate (3.0%), α-copaene (2.8%), δ-cadinene (2.2%), neo-menthol (1.6%), menthol (1.5%) and α-cadinene (1.5%). Phthalides are rich in the essential oil of K. odoratissima. The group of phthalides was included as Z-ligustilide, E-ligustilide, (Z)-3-Butyldiene phthalide and (E)-3-Butyldiene phthalide, which these compounds formed (70.10%) major content of all identified components. Conclusion: Like other ecotypes, the ecotype of Birahgan is a rich source of Z-ligustilide and phthalide that can be used in the pharmaceutical industries.


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